Our House rules


House rules

Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle on 19 October 2013

Article 1
Every person who enters the eventhall is expected to take knowledge of these regulations, to accept the conditions implicit and to observe them.

Article 2
The forge of tickets or food & drinks tokens, whatever their nature, will always be legally prosecuted.

Article 3
Every visitor needs to pay the amount of five euros at the entrance in exchange for an entrance bracelet that is attached around the wrist. This bracelet provides the entrance to the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle all day long, from 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.
Children under the age of 12 don't need to pay the entrance fee.
Anybody who is in the posession of a free ticket or a VIP ticket also don't need to pay the entrance fee. Their ticket needs to be traded in at the ticket booth for an entrance bracelet.
By no means by a ticket in the streets. The only point of sale is the ticket booth at the entrance of the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle.
Children under the age of 12 need to be accompanied by an adult.

Article 4
There will not be served alcohol to people under the age of 16. We reserve the right to ask for your identity card at all times, whenever we consider it necessary.
We reserve the right to refuse serving alcohol, whenever we consider it necessary.

Article 5
The entrance to the eventhall is forbidden to or will be refused to people who:
- apparently are under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
- who already got a ban to go to events such as this one, from the organizer or the administrative or the judicial authorities;
- give the clear impression to be willing to disturb the order or to provoke violence of any kind;
- resist to the exudation of objects that are being considered dangerous or forbidden by the security personnel of the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle (see article 6);
- act in any way that is contradictory to the conditionsof one or more articles in these house regulations, or contradictory to the general legal conditions of maintenance of the public order.

Article 6
It is forbidden to bring, to let somebody bring or to possess following objects on the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle:
- own food or drinks, bottles, glasses, cans;
- drugs or any other stimulants that are considered illegal;
- projectiles or explosives in solid, fluid or gaseous substances;
- flammable products or materials;
- pyrotechnical objects: bengal-lights, smoke-bombs, etc.;
- weapons and dangerous objects that can be used as weapons (rods, chains, sabres, pointed weapons or thrust-weapons, etc.)
- any other object that can be considered dangerous by the security personnel.

Article 7
It is strictly forbidden for the visitors to:
- enter the non-accessible areas according to their entrance ticket or special persmission, such as artist rooms, neutral and VIP areas, areas that hold the utilities, etc.;
- climb the infrastructure in and around the eventhall of the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle, or act in any other way that is not in accordance with the normal use of the infrastructure;
- block the entrances and the exits, and with that, the evacuation exits, and to stay longer at these places than is strictly necessary to enter or leave the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle;
- disturb the order and endanger the safety of oneself and others;
- sell drinks, food or any other product without the explicit preliminary uitdrukkelijke permission of the organization;
- throw or to shoot with any object or moisture, or with any other product of any kind of nature;
- smoke in the eventhall, there will be a smoking area outside;
- urinate in and around the eventhall.

Article 8
Texts, symbols, images, gestures and indecent remarks or behaviours that lead to racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination are strictly forbidden at the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle.

Article 9
Visitors of the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle will always follow the guidelines of the organization. The organizers may remove any person from the eventhall who doesn't follow the guidelines. If necessary, the organizer may beroep appeal to the police services to guarantee the safety of the other visitors.
They who are removed from the eventhall, will be denialed the entrance during the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle, regardless if they are in the possession of a new and valid entrance ticket or a special admission.
With removal from the eventhall, also the bracelet will be removed to avoid a new attempt from the person involved to enter the eventhall. They who are removed by virtue of reasons enumerated in these regulations, have no right to demand reimbursement of their entrance fee or consumption tickets.

Article 10
Out of safety considerations, the organization keeps the right to:
- interrupt or to stop the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle;
- temporarly keep the visitors in the eventhall at the end of the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle, to ensure a smooth exodus;
- completely or partially evacuate the eventhall;
- refuse the entrance to the eventhall.

Article 11
Dogs or other pets are not allowed.

Article 12
It is forbidden to flyer and/or to hang advertising posters at the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle. If you want to promote your own event, you can always fill in the application at our website.

Article 13
The organization is not responsible for and can not be held liable for accidents, theft and/or damage to material.

Article 14
By the Law of 8 December 1992 of “Protection of the personal privacy regarding the processing of personal data, changed by the Law of 11 December 1998 to conversion of the Charter 95 / 46 / EG of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and the Counsel concerning the protection of natural persons associated with the processing of personal data and concerning the free traffic of those data", the visitor is informed that by virtue of safety considerations, the organizer collects and processes data in an automized file. This law regulates the processing of and the right to inspect the personal data. The personal data obtained through the buying of an entrance ticket can be used by the organizer for promotional objectives.

All personal data of these files are in accordance with the regulations of the law of 8 December 1992 concerning the protection of the personal privacy. Any person who enters the eventhall agrees to the possibility of being photographed or filmed and to the fact that these images may be registered and saved. These photographs or movie images may be used by the organizer to promote the Antwerp Ski & Snowboard Railbattle. The registration and saving of these images by the police services and/or the organizer also occurs to ensure the maintenance and the observing of the safety at the eventhall. The purpose of the processing of these images is to prevent and detect crimes and violations of these regulations and to enable a sanction through identification of the offenders. Photographs or films made by visitors at the site during the event may not be used for commercial or public objectives, exepting with written permission of the organizer.