A jam with a twist



KAPOW collective & D.C. Shoes present a skatecontest with a twist.
No runs, no jams, no best trick, no scores... Actually not really a contest at all.

But that doesn't mean you shouldn't bring your a-game. There will be plenty to win! As always, Kapow & D.C. take care of you!
Everyone can freely skate all day at the skatepark. So far so good. Now comes the twist..
There will be a judge present to occasionally call for your attention in a overly dramatic manner. At these moments we present to you an object for sale, this can be one of the goodies provided by DCshoeco or even better, one of the custom artpieces provided by the Kapow resident artists.
You can buy these. Not with stupid retarded money but with your super awesome skills as a skateboarder!

The rules are simple. After we present the object for auction, you, the skaters, can place a bid. All you have to do is name a trick that you think you can land first try. You can also one-up each other by calling a harder trick. This can be a variation on the trick or any other trick that our honourable judge deems superior to the previous bid.
The skater with the winning bid will get one chance to land the trick he/she called. Land it, and you win the auction. Bail, and the second highest bid will get a chance to win the auction. Then the third and so forth.

We also have KAPOW skateboards now, Play local – Support global (part of the profit goes to a skateboard project in Peru that we support), that we give to the style master of the day!

Goodluck KAPOW, DC and 360° Events wish you a nice day!