Entrance fee

Thanks to our partners we can keep the entrance fee as low as possible. A ticket to the Quiksilver Benelux championship ski & snowboard costs only 5 euro! Children below the age of 12 will be allowed for free on the condition that they are accompanied by minimum one paying adult.

After the payment, you will get a wristband at the cash register.
This wristband is strictly peronal and give you unlimited entrance to the Quiksilver Benelux championschip 2013 that exists of these four parts:

  1. Ski and snowboard railbattle
  2. Music festival
  3. Ski & skate & snowboard exhibition
  4. Skateboarding park

Presale Tickets

We don't sell presale tickets. If you want to be sure of an entrance ticket, be sure to be on time because the number of tickets are limited! Don't buy tickets or wristbands on the street.


At all times, we keep the right to refuse you the entrance to the event or to remove you from the site if the house reglement isn't respected. If this incident takes place, you can't at any rate reclaim your entrance fee or drink vouchers.

The organisations can't be responsable or liable for any accidents or theft.