How to get there?


Park Spoor Noord situates between the 'Damwijk', the 'Stuivenberg' and the 'Seefhoek' in Antwerp.

How do I get there on foot or by bike?

Park Spoor Noord is easaly accessible by bike of by foot. The 'Rooseveltplaats' is at walking distance from the park but you can also take many busses or trams. If you come by bike, there is a big bikers parking at the entrance of the events hall. You can map out your own route at

Bus & Tram

The park is easily and directly accessible from:

  • Antwerp main bus station - Rooseveltplaats
  • Merksem and Deurne
  • The north of Antwerp: Kapellen, Wuustwezel, Brasschaat, Zandvliet, ...
  • Zwijndrecht and Linkeroever

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Tram 3 Zwijndrecht - Merksem Premetrostation Schijnpoort
Tram 5 Linkeroever - Wim Saerensplein Premetrostation Schijnpoort
Tram 6 Olympiade - Luchtbal Premetrostation Schijnpoort
Tram 12 Sportpaleis - Bolivarplaats Schijnpoort
Bus 1 Hemiksem – Hoboken – Rijnkaai Kempenstraat
Bus 13 Polderstad – Hoboken – Eilandje Kempenstraat
Bus 23 Luchtbal – Rooseveltplaats Damplein
Bus 31 Berchem Station - Rooseveltplaats - CMB Kempenstraat
Bus 600 Meer - Hoogstraten - Antwerpen Smallestraat
Bus 610 Oelegem - Schoten - Antwerpen Damplein
Bus 620 Meer - Hoogstraten - Antwerpen via Schoten Centrum Damplein
Bus 621 Sint-Job Kristus Koning - Antwerpen via Schoten Centrum Damplein
Bus 640 Antwerpen - Brasschaat - Wuustwezel - Loenhout - Brecht Ijzerlaan
Bus 730 Brasschaat - Ekeren - Antwerpen Ijzerlaan
Bus 770 Zandvliet - Hoevenen - Antwerpen Ijzerlaan
Bus 771 Snelbus Zandvliet - Berendrecht - Antwerpen Ijzerlaan


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Coming from the main roads A12 or E19?

From the north: 

  • Enter the "Antwerpse Ring" in the direction of Antwerp/Gent/Brussel/Luik.
  • Take the first exit (Merksem/Haven/Antwerpen Centrum)
  • Keep to your right and follow the signs for Merksem. Cross the rails and ride until the T-junction.
  • Kinepolis is now right in front of you. Turn to your left and follow the road for about 1.1 kms.
  • Right before the rails, turn left first and then to the right. 

From the south: 

  • Go in the direction of Breda / Haven 1-999 / Luik and enter the R1.
  • Take exit 2 (Deurne), direction N210 and follow the bend to the right at the N129.
  • Take the first exit on the left to the Schijnpoortweg (N120/N129) and continue on the Schijnpoortweg.
  • After 500m, turn into the Halenstraat
  • As from now on, Park Spoor Noord will be on your right hand side.

Coming from the E313 of E34:

  • Take exit 17 (Borgerhout) in the direction of Antwerpen-Centrum.
  • Turn right at Noordersingel (R10) and continue on the R10.
  • Turn left at the Kalverstraat. Take the first to your right to the Lange Lobroekstraat.
  • Drive to the end and you'll see the park lying right in front of you. 

Coming from East- or West-Flanders: 

  • On the E17 to Antwerp, take the left exit "Ring Antwerpen" in the direction of Rotterdam and enter the R1.
  • Take exit Sint-Anna-Linkeroever and continue on the N49a (through the Waaslandtunnel).
  • Turn left at the Italiëlei and turn right again to the Ellermanstraat.
  • The park is now on your left hand side. 


Park Spoor Noord is situated at the train station Antwerp Dam, a small and unsupervised station. That's also why there aren't a lot of trains who stop here. It's better to take the train to Antwerp-Central, where you can transfer to the bus of train. You can also walk from Antwerp-Central to the Rooseveltplaats and take the bus or tram there. 

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