Do you have a question?

Then check below between our FAQ if the answer is there. Does your question still remains unanswered? Don’t hesitate to contact us by using the contact form. Somebody of the organization will answer your question as soon as possible.

Good luck!

How do I get there?

Take a look here for all the practical information

Can I bring my pets?

Pets are forbidden.
Your pets can’t be let on the event. Thanks for understanding!

Can I bring my children?

You can sertainly bring your children.
The entrance is free for children below the age of 12. A part from the free entrance, we also provide childrens animation so that mom and dad can relax for a moment with a drink and snack.

Where can I park my car?

Since were a sports event, we want to motivate as many people as we can to come by foot, by bike, or by public transportation. If you still decide to come by car, then you can find all the information here.

Can I buy a presale ticket?

Presale tickets won’t be sold.
Do you want to be sure to have a ticket? Then be on time and buy your ticket at the cash register.
Beware! There will be a limited amount of tickets, so be on time!

Where can I find some earplugs?

A limited amount of earplugs can be found for free at the bar. Just ask a pair to somebody of our ultimate crew and enjoy the silence!

Can I spend the night in Antwerp?

Everybody loves beer or any other alcoholic drink. Or maybe a lot of them?
Don’t let your blue friends spoil your day. Be wise and book one of the many rooms or hotels in Antwerp. Pick your car up the day after and be home safe from a sweet festival without any extra costs.

Where can I find the house rules?

Click on this link to take a look at the house rules

For who is the skatepark accessible?

The skatepark is freely accessible for everybody and meant for all our friends on wheels. Skateboarders, inliners, steppers and bmx’ers are welcome. There has been thought about all levels by making the set-up. Young and old, beginner or advanced, everybody will have their fun! So have a great time but keep it safe!

Can I pay with bancontact/mister cash?

There will be a bancontact/mister cash machine at the event.

How much does an entrance ticket cost?

An entrance ticket costs €5.

This ticket gives you the possibility to enter the Quiksilver Benelux championship on the 19th of October 2013. Children below the age of 12 will be let in for free, onder the condition that they’re accompanied by at least one paying adult.

How do I ask for a press accreditation?

Here you can ask for a press accreditation. The organisation will analyse your request and get back to you with the decision

Who can enter the ski & snowboard slope?

The slope is accessible for the competitors, the organization, the jury and the known press. Visitors who enter the slope and don’t belong there will be removed immedialty from the slope. You’re not only bringing yourself into danger, but also the competitors. The organisation thinks much about security, so this will not be tolerated.

Can I make advertising at the Benelux Championship?

Advertising at the Benelux Championship is allowed by the organisation if your brand or idea isn’t conflicting with our partners.

Click here for you application.

Untill when can I subscribe to the Benelux Championship?

You can subscribe until Thursday the 10th of October.

Be sure to subscribe on time! Subscription at the event isn’t possible anymore.

Beware! All payments of the competing money should be booked on our account at the 14th of October 2013. Thanks for understanding.

Subscribe here!

How old do I have to be to compete in the Benelux Championship?

The organization can’t be set responsible or liable in any case for happened accidents and/of theft. Competing is at your own risk!

Can I practice my kickbox and other violent expressions at the event?

Have you always been a kickbox or wrestling talent? Did you always enjoyed a good fight?

Then stay at home because you’re not welcome at the Benelux Championship Ski & Snowboard.

Why is an insurance obligated when competing the Benelux Championship?

Make sure that your insurance is settled before the Benelux Championship!

How much does the entrance fee amounts to when competing to the Benelux Championship?

The entrance fee amounts to €25, this is what you get when you’re competing:

  •  Entrance to the riderscorner
  •  Entrance to the Roxy afterparty
  •  Entrance to the ski and snowboard slope
  •  Entrance to the ‘Quiksilver Benelux Championship ski & snowboard’
  •  A free Mountain Dew that you can collect at the ‘Adidas Eye Wear’ riderspoint