Contest Rules


1. Rules of the competition

1.1 General info

1.1.1 Conditions to subscribe

Every rider who wants to compete in the competition of ‘Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen’ and the ‘Nederlandse Ski vereniging’ under the supervision of 360 Events:

  •     Has to act in behalf of the rules of ‘Sneeuwsport Vlaanderen’ and the ‘Nederlandse ski vereniging’
  •     Has to respect the rules of the competition at all times
  •     Has to be a member of one of the two federations
  •     Is aware of the fact that freestyle skiing and snowboarding are risky sports and have the chance to get injured or be killed

We expect that the riders are responsible for their own psychic and fysic health, in a way that they can start with an optimal condition.
The snowboard – and skisport expects a sportsmanlike behavior of its contestants against each other, the judges and the organisation. The organisation has the right to punish unsportsmanlike behavior with disqualification. Numerous unsportsmanlike behavior can be punished with a prolonged disqualification of all competitions, organized by both federations.
It is the responsibility of the riders themselves to be on time at the competition.

1.1.2 Subscription and sign-up

Riders can only subscribe themselves in advance to enter the Antwerp Railbattle. The subscriptions for all disciplines will be closed on the 10th of October 2013. On the 19th of October, the riders have to present themselves personally at the ‘Adidas Eye Wear’ riderspoint between 11 and 12 am to collect their riders number.

1.1.3 The entrance fee

  • 25€ (entrance inclusive)

The entrance fee will not be repayed if the event will be cancelled. This money is needed for the costs that are already have been made

1.1.4 Quota

Riders that are not from Belgium, Holland or Luxemburg can compete the Antwerp Railbattle. But to not lose the personality of the competition, their results will be erased from the ranking for the Quicksilver Benelux championship ski & snowboard.

1.2 Categories

The official categories categories where the riders to are:

  •     Youth men snowboard
  •     Junior men snowboard
  •     Junior men ski
  •     Senior men snowboard
  •     Senior men ski
  •     Ladies snowboard
  •     Ladies ski

The categories of age were adapted to the international guidelines:

  •     Senior: born in 1994 or earlier
  •     Junior: born in 1995, 1996, 1997
  •     Youth: born in 1998 or later

Note: Photo’s, video’s and imaging
Riders who compete in the Quicksilver Benelux championship ski & snowboard give the silent acceptance to the organisation to use their images made during the event for promoting the event and the sport, for articles, newsletters and other public purposes.

1.3 Gear of the competitors

1.3.1 Satety gear

Riders have to realise that skiing and snowboarding are sports with a risk and have a great chance to get injured, dysfunction of get killed. It is the responsibility of the rider to find the right gear to wear at every competition and discipline. Wearing a crash pants and a back protector are highly recommended. Wearing a helmet is obligatory for all disciplines and for riders in every age category. Accidents that might occur by not following these guidelines don’t fall under the responsibility of the organisation and both federations.

1.3.2 Starting numbers
The shape and size of the backnumbers may not be adapted by the rider. The backnumber has to be weared in and exact and visible way, at all times of the competition, also during the warming up and the training. The backnumebers have to be given back immediately at the organisation. The rider cannot attach any logo’s, stickers or any other promotional material to the competition shirt.

1.3.3 Prohibited gear
Gear that will be worn or used for better balancing, to encrease the weight or any other physic capacity, increasing the speed,.. etc is strictly forbidden.

1.3.4 Doping drugs
The use of doping drugs (reference the IOC-list) is strictly forbidden. There can be made tests to anyone at any time.

1.3.5 Medical health
Riders are personally responsible for their own medical condition.

1.4 Course of the competition (under reservation)

1.4.1 Heats

Ski Ladies   Heat 1 - Red   Final 1
Snow Youth   Heat 1 - Red   Final 1
Ski Junior   Heat 2 - Green   Final 2
Snow Junior   Heat 2 - Green   Final 2
Snow Ladies   Heat 3 - Black   Final 2
Ski Senior   Heat 3 - Black   Final 3
Snow Senior   Heat 4 - Blue   Final 3

1.4.2 Timetable

11u00  Free Practice
12u00  Warming up red en green
12u30  Heat 1
13u00  Heat 2
13u30  Shape + Judging
13u45  Opwarming black en blue
14u15  Heat 3
14u45  Heat 4
15u15  Shape + Judging
15u30  Warming up (10 minuts) + Final 1 (20 minuts) + Reshape (5minuts)
16u05  Warming up (10 minuts) + Final 2 (20 minuts) + Reshape (5minuts)
16u40  Warming up (10 minuts) + Final 3 (30 minuts)
17u20  Judging
17u35  Prizegiving
18u00  Festival

2 Competition area

2.1 Beginning and preparation zone

2.1.1 Beginning
The only people that are allowed in the beginning room, are the beginning rider and the judges. To guarantee the continuity of the competition, the judges can choose to allow more contestants into the beginning area. For unauthorized people, the beginning area is strictly forbidden.

2.1.2 Preparation zone
The preparation zone, if there is one, is privileged to the contestants, to prepare themselves mentally for the competiton.

2.1.3 Judges area
In the jugdes area are riders, press and visitors not allowed. A collaborator of the event will make sure this stays like that.

2.1.4 Press
The registered persons of the press can get an accreditation at the beginning of the competiton to get acces to certain parts of the competition area. These reserved area’s will be determinated and communicated in advance by the organisation.
Representatives of the press who want to get the permission to take pictures of make films of the event and the competition have to apply through the known website.

2.2 Arrival zone

The arrival zone is a clearly bordered area that stands for the security of the contestants. The arrival zone lets the contestans to complete their run in a safe and easy way. The arrival line must be clear and visible. Visitors are not allowed in the arrival zone. Only authorized people can enter this zone. A responsible of the organisation will check the entrance and has the right to refuse people without accreditation.

2.3 Setup

3 Preparation and course of a run

3.1 Beginning and delayed beginning

3.1.1 Beginning
Once the heat begins, the rider is free to make as many runs as possible at his own pace. The rider needs to be at all times be aware of his own security and that of the orther competitors. The judges will keep an eye of this. It is the accomplice responsibility of the rider that the judges can evaluate his run in a proper way.

3.1.2 Delayed start
If for some reason the start cannot go through, it is the judges and the organising comite's responsability to decide if the timing of the start will be delayed.

3.2 Disqualification
A competitor will be disqualified in the next cases:

  •     Unsportsmanlike behavior
  •     Sabotaging the competition / event
  •     Not starting correctly
  •     Not wearing the back number correctly
  •     Flaws in the gear
  •     Accepting the aid from the outside
  •     Not keeping the premised course
  •     Not  keeping to the rules that were communicated through the website and at the subscription

The judges will keep the right to disqualify riders who take too big risks and bringing themselves and others in danger.

4 General judging guidelines

4.1 General

Freestyle ski and snowboard have their own judges. A judge always exists of 2 Belgians and 2 of the Netherlands. Every judge is recognized by his own federation and acts by honour and conscience.
The judging will start from the moment that the rider wil start. The judging stops when:

  • both feet are of the board
  • the rider reached the arrival zone
  • the run stops for more than 30 seconds

During the qualifications and finals there will be begon in a random ordre, unless otherwise told by organization.
Complaints about the competition and the results have to be made to the head Judge, and this in 15min after the facts.
Only competitors (riders with a backnumber) are allowed at the competition area (parents, trainer, coaches are NOT allowed at the competition area).

4.2 Format and criteria

4.2.1  Generalmeen

The qualifications and finals  go in Jam sessions.
The warming-up serves to explore the setup and practice the tricks.
The judges only evaluates the runs seen during the heat.
The judges are evaluating a run: this means that a rail of the the upper module as well as one of the lower module has to be ridden in one descent.
By judging a run the judges will take this into account:

  • The technicity of the trick: this means: on/off the rail, trick on the rail, execution and style
  • Kind of rail
  • The variation in trick and direction of spin at the lower rail in comparison to the upper rail

4.2.2 Qualification

Competitors can qualify themselves for the finals on the foundation of their best run during the heat.
The sequence after the qualifications will determine the endranking of the championship, the finalists (4.3.) will determine their sequence in the finals.

4.2.3 Finals

Competitors can win on the foundation of their overall impression
Just as with the qualification, only the runs will count
With the evalution of the overall impression the judges will take this into account:

  • Technicity of the run (4.2.1.)
  • Variation in the runs. This is: different runs at different rails / combination of rails
  • Directions of spin

4.3 Number of finalists

The number of finalists depends on the number of competitors. The quantities for each discipline and category will be announced 2 weeks before the start of the Quicksilver Benelux championship ski & snowboard (10th of October 2013), decided by the organisation, at the base of the number of subscriptions through the website, about the number of finalists per catergory.
If there are foreign competitors who place themselves into the finals, the number of finalists will be expanded.
The organisation of the competiton will keep the right to raise the number of competitors for the finals if they find this neccisary.

5 Titeles per discipline and category

    Per freestyle discipline and category there will be titles handed out for Benelux Champion “Railing”.
    Riders who do not get through the finals will be classified at the bade of their score during the qualifications.

The finalists will be classified between themselves at the base of their score during the finals. A finalist cannot be classified lower thand the firs rider of the not-finalists. The ranking will be made by the judges.