Sven Rogersson

The Beat Is House - Sven Rogersson is a DJ based in Edegem, Antwerp, Belgium. Ever since his visit to the magical Ibiza-island, his heart kept on aching for smooth house beats that make you feel sexy and relaxed but in need of a big party.

Formerly known as DJRezo and spinning decks since 2001, you may also know Sven as the founder of the succesful DJ-Duo “The Partysluts”, well appreciated for their 90′s knowledge and all-round mixing madness. Sven Rogersson is now searching for a new mission. A house mission.

The package? All the memories and experience of DJ’ing at legendary parties all over Belgium, from student parties over small festivals, through Noxx Antwerp (guest DJ-Sets), Stereo Six (guest DJ-set) and the big examples as DJ Licious, Franky Rizardo and Delafino.
What can I say? Party non -stop!