Michael Midnight

After dominating the Belgian club scene and hijacking radiowaves under the moniker Ed&Kim, one part of the legendary duo - yep, it’s Kim alright - is shapeshifting solo into his beloved nightwolf mode.

The time has come for Michael Midnight to step out of his radiant moonlight shadow, 100% at your service for an eclectic yet very bouncy nightride.

Don't be misled: Michael didn't just step to the scene all of a sudden. As driving force behind one of the country's most celebrated DJ-outfits he earned his stripes during 15 years at numerous events and festivals including a dazzling 7 times at Pukkelpop

Michael Midnight is also 1/2 of The Whatevers, who've successfully managed to bridge the gap between the coolest genres of half a century of pop history. Resulting in a well shaped DJ-schedule and a great deal of buzz.

Ed&Kim's and The Whatevers' pioneering way of crossover deejaying will be definitely carried on throughout Michael Midnight's nocturnal voyages. On top of that you can expect trademark spin-offs to genres such as hip hop and housecooked up in funky and muscled sets as well.

So skip your early nightcap and wait until the moon kicks in. After all;
The best things in life start after 12.