Ling James

It was the start of a great collaboration with 2 musicians behind the decks. Cney Williams and Ling James tasted the fine art of playing with EDM music in front of great events. After several DJ contests which some of them won, Cney found out he hadn’t a lot time to play with the decks. After a great year, including the victory on the DJ Battle of the Philips O"Neill Surf Skate Snow & Wakefest 2012, Cney decided to focus more on the guitar and other music projects.

Ling James has been very busy after that. Playing at big events like Mundial festival 2013 and the Antwerp Railbattle 2012 has kept him in the game working hard on his performances because he still has to create the same energy for 2.

Besides working the decks, Ling James has finally found inspiration for producing electronic dance music. 2013 is a great year and hopefully some tracks will be released this year just to top it off with a cherry.